Aaron Web Developer / Poet / Backpacker

Aaron: NYC-based traveller, poet and Web Developer specializing in the modern web. Download VCard

I am Aaron. I am from New York City.

Look at my pretty face

I like wine, web developing, and song.

I Write
Short Stories and Poems
I Read Too!
I Travel
As often as I can
I work while travelling.

I'm unfortunately not available for on-site work.

I am based in Manhattan, NY. I travel the world with...

my trusty laptop and an uncanny ability to work anywhere.

I Code Backend
With PHP and Mysql
I love WP
Since 2006.
I Write Plugins and contribute to the WP Core.
I Code Shinies
With CSS, JS and HTML
I use jQuery, HTML5, CoffeeScript and SCSS

Do I know you? I think I should.

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Pleasure We've met somewhere before? Let's have a beer.

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